Our Markets

We focus our business in the areas that have the most impact on the way we all live, by transforming waste into sustainable energy.

Agricultural Biogas

Agricultural biogas holds significant potential as a sustainable energy source and a valuable component of integrated farm management practices, offering environmental, economic, and social benefits to agricultural communities.

Our Services

Working with developers enables us to lead projects at every stage and ensure that wherever we are involved, our expertise will guide clients and partners throughout the process.

AD Technology Process Design

A sophisticated concept with optimal substrate composition, adapted to regional conditions and customer requirements, is the basis for any biogas project. Choosing the best process technology, from both a technical and economical point of view, depends largely on the input material. Biotrix has extensive experience with one-stage and multi-stage, mesophilic and thermophilic wet and dry fermentation biogas plants. We know how to evaluate the various substrates correctly - all kinds of liquid manure (animal excrement), biowaste, kitchen and catering waste, sludges, etc. for your biogas plant. Our engineering services come with the following expertise.

  • Planning for customized biogas plants, adjusted to your substrates
  • Preliminary, detailed engineering and implementation planning for biogas plants
  • Planning for complete turnkey plants
  • Determination of process technology
  • Calculation of mass balance and biogas potential
  • Detailed planning of heat exchangers, process control technology and complete I&C technology
  • Project management, Vendor selection and Procurement services based on 30 years experience


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