Biotrix Americas is a leading organization specializing in technology design, engineering, automation, procurement and project management. For over three decades we have been at the forefront connecting people, data and technology to transform waste into energy in the Asian and European bioenergy markets. We are proud to extend our innovative services into North and South America under the branding "Biotrix Americas Corp". Together with our industry partners, clients, and our global team, we can better the future for our planet and its people.

Follow us on our journey as our team of national and international experts design and deliver major projects on the natural and built environments all around the world.


Founded in 1980 by Ivy League graduates Dr. Stephen P. Etheridge and Dr. Ulrike E. A. Leroff, both alumni of Cornell University in NYC, Biotrix traces its origins to years of dedicated research and development. Leveraging their expertise in microbiology and chemical engineering acquired through their Ph.D. studies, they laid the foundation for what would later evolve into Biotrix Asia.

Initially focusing on designing low-cost digester systems, their early work has transformed into the creation of some of the largest industrial and agricultural biogas systems across Europe, the United States, and Asia. Possessing extensive expertise across research and development, design, and operations, utilizing technologies like High Solids Anaerobic Digesters, Flexible Liner Reactors, and Anaerobic Filters and more. Dr. Etheridge and Dr. Leroff have not only shaped the identity of Biotrix but have also contributed significantly to the broader narrative of sustainable technology on a global scale. Biotrix principals have introduced a range of innovative, and in some cases, award winning developments including anaerobic venturi mixing, submerged combustion heating, draft tube mixing, and portable digestion systems.


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