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We are biotrix Americas. Leaders in biogas technology design, engineering and project management. We connect people, data and technology to transform waste into energy.

Engineering End to End

From process design, balance of plant, automation integration and procurement, we will take care of your investment end to end.

AD Technology Process Design

To lead in biogas production, it is essential to employ an innovative approach coupled with a seasoned design that involves auditing specific feedstocks, formulating mass balances, and maximizing biogas output.

Project Management

Smooth Execution

Using modern project tracking tools we ensure that progress is properly recorded, and rework is minimized to get the most out of every hour. Our past project experience helps us set up the process for maximum benefit.
Financial Feasibility

Sequenced Success

The issue for bid stage (IFB), enables an accurate financial assessment. This progress facilitates the transition to the Final Investment Decision (FID), where a detailed scope of work, requirements, and qualifications can be thoroughly evaluated. Collaboration with stakeholders and developers is essential, aligning specifications, local codes, and finalized drawings to address any uncertainties before the commencement of construction (IFC).


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